Using Uk Electrical Appliances In Scandinavia?

I recently ordered a hairdryer, Remington AC5011 Pearl Pro Ionic AC Hair Dryer ( ). After placing the order I came to realize that the plugs are different here in Finland and there is very little info about using UK products in Europe (German Schuko power outlet) (excluding France and Belgium).
I have a question with regards about the power socket. Will this hairdryer product combined with a ‘Adaptor 3 Pin UK into 2 Pin Plug Euro’ ( ) work normally here in Finland? This cheap adapter states it serves a maximum 7.5A at 250v. As stated in the hairdryers specs it is 2200watt. Wouldn’t that require somewhere around 9.5A at least, or am I wrong. And is this totally irrelevant?
Also another question is regarding UK electrical shavers. They are usually supplied with 2 pin (wider/thicker than European 2-pins) adapters. Is it enough just to buy a ‘Shaver Adaptor (2pin To 3pin) 1amp’ ( ) mounted together with the previously mentioned ‘Adaptor 3 Pin UK into 2 Pin Plug Euro’ to make it operate normally here?
I’m not an expert on electrics, so I’d appreciate if someone familiar on this subject could sort this mess out and give me an experienced / exact answer.

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3 Responses to “Using Uk Electrical Appliances In Scandinavia?”

  1. Pauline says:

    Euro 2-pin to uk 3-pin use one of these: (Open, insert 2pin, close and screw together)…
    the 3-pin for ‘straight’ and right-angle shuko plugs…

  2. Xavier says:

    it is probably a 220 volt supply, a 2200w hair drier will draw 10amps at 220.
    one option for using UK appliances is to get a UK 4-way short extension panel and change the plug for a continental one. You can then plug the UK device into the panel.

  3. DEREK C says:

    I do not think you need to be over anxious with these adaptors with small appliances as a hair dry and shaver, both no doubt built to modern double earth standards. Manufactures would have anticipated people such as yours self-wanting to use adaptors, so go ahead, I feel sure that you are okay. However, I do believe, you must have read the Hairdryer spec wrongly as 2200 watts is more powerful that a heavy duty paint stripper, gun, I feel sure that should be 220watts

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