Uvb Turtle Tank? Help.?

My musk is a year old and I’ve bought him a new tank it’s the fish box 64 gallon it’s came with this light is it okay to continue usage?

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2 Responses to “Uvb Turtle Tank? Help.?”

  1. TPau15 says:

    Regular fish tank lights (or regular fluorescent bulbs in general) are not good enough/correct for reptiles use. You need to get a reptile use fluorescent bulb designed for producing UVB lighting. Human use and even fish tank bulbs have a special coating on them that block UVB lighting, as mammals are susceptible to cancer under prolonged exposure to UVB lighting.
    So, you need a reptile use UVB bulb. If you want to use the fish tank bulb to help light up the enclosure more, by all means, but that’s about all it’s good for.

  2. watertig says:

    Fish lights do not give turtles the UVB lighting that they need. You have to go buy a bulb made specifically for reptiles that says “UVB” on it.

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