VAT return… "Sales excluding VAT" question?

When asked to put in total figures such as "Total Sales Excluding VAT to the EU" does this refer to any sales I have made which I didn’t charge VAT on (eg to another VAT registered company) or does it refer to the total sales I have made which I did charge VAT on but then deduct the VAT to show the total amount I actually recieve (eg, say I have £1000 in sales, would I then input this figure minus 17.5%)?


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2 Responses to “VAT return… "Sales excluding VAT" question?”

  1. SimonC says:

    Sales excluding VAT means your total sales figure without including any relevant VAT that you added on to the transaction. Depending on when the sales were made VAT would have been at either 17.5% or 20% for normal goods, but may have been lower or even zero for certain goods.

    Note: The question you are refering to is "Total Sales Excluding VAT to the EU". This is asking what you have sold to other countries in the EU.

  2. Make Love not War says:

    But Vat is now 20%

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