Very Serious Problem =/?

Me 21 & she’s 18. I was working at a fast food place and doing art. My gf will always talk about how she didn’t like my paintings. I soon dropped the dead job and my gf began to call me stupid and didn’t believe in me. I began to sell my art and on my first sale I made $30,000!. When I showed my gf that money her jaw dropped and I told her how I wanted to marry her. One month later i broke up with her because she was a big B and possibly even cheated on me before trust me feel no remorse!. I then told her to never contact me again because she was just slowing me down!.
One month later today she txt me out the blue and we stared talking then she asked “Are you still poor and living with your parents lol”. Idk why she said that I mean she’s seen big money come in in front of her face. That’s when i snapped and told her “For the record the last two times you dumped me I did sleep around” and I also told her how I now got someone that deserves me and she said ” if your trying to make me jealous your not and Your such an a-hoe”.
Why in the f would she do all of this? she already has someone new btw

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