Very Small Basic Business Help?- 5star For Best Answer!?

Right so iv started selling soft drinks at school by buying bulk and then selling individually I get a decent amount of profit but at the moment I am depending on local offersat stores
However, there is a store that sells soft drinks at a reasonably low price that isn’t on promotion (it is regular price) but I don’t make a lot of profit
Would it be a good idea to see the manager and ask if I can get a discount or something if i purchase every week from them
I’m 15 by the way and the store is makro

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  1. Ashley says:

    Find the number of the store and phone them, you will seem more official that way. Tell them you are interested in buying a large amount of drinks at regular intervals and would like a discount for it. Can’t see why they wouldn’t be interested, good luck mate.

  2. Shane says:

    Working in Grocery for over 5 years I think I can answer this. I also used to do this in highschool with candy bars. If you asked a manager they would most likely say no, you buying one pack a week or not really doesn’t matter to them, it’s soda, it will sell no matter what. The best way to make profit is to buy from a place where you can get ALOT like a super pack(wallmart, SAMs club, etc.) or a Family pack. These will cost more but the price per unit will be severely lower. Always look at the PPU. Then at school charge about 75 cents and bring quarters. This will make them sell faster because kids will think it’s a great deal while still making you profit. Hopefully this helps.

  3. Chris says:

    I love business, ok you could try negotiating, or buy from a manufacturing store and get more for your bulk. Also research your market and location. If you want your business to be good then plan ahead. You can’t wake up and say “I wanna sell soft drinks”. Rome was not built in a day.

  4. logger says:

    Sorry bro – I love the idea but see here…
    you need to sign up and take some documents to allow you to buy in store from Makro.
    Or you can buy online from them – you do not need to open an account.
    The prices in Makro have no Vat on – Vat is added at the till – that is why they may appear cheaper.
    You might also have to buy certain quantities.
    I guess my best advice is – to try and look around but that depends on how much you can do –
    some discount stores may have cheaper or near BBE dates that would make you more profit.

  5. Zeuqzale says:

    Alright. This may be a bit tricky not knowing the quantity of merchandise you buy from stores a week. What we usually do is buy bulk at Sam’s Club, Costco, etc. (Large warehouse stores like that) However, if the local market has a discount, that usually tends to be cheaper. Sometimes going straight to the suppliers isn’t the best idea because its about the same price as Sam’s and storing the merchandise may be an issue (for us it is).
    Would it be a good idea to see the manager and ask? Sure, why not? Worst thing that he can say is no. Right?
    I would not call and talk business on the phone. Showing up in person and asking yourself is a lot more professional.
    I don’t think asking “Can you give me a discount because I shop here every week and buy in bulk for my business?” is the best was to ask. I would rather say “I own a business and often buy soft drinks in bulk and was wondering if this is the best price you can give me?. or ” “I own a … wondering if we can work something out so I can buy more from you guys than buying from other stores”

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