Video Game Console Holders?

My brother and i have 2 PS3s (Don’t ask) 1 Xbox, and a Wii.. But we have no place or room to put them in our room, is there anything that can be used as a console holder? or An actual holder for each console online for sale? please let me know! Thanks

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One Response to “Video Game Console Holders?”

  1. DJ says:

    Not that I’m aware of..? Have you thought of using a large desk or cabinet for storing them and just switching out the plugs when you need to play a new one? Or even try several small end tables or something. A shelf next to your TV could even work, just remember your cord length, it’s best to try and keep them near the TV. Although 4 systems for 1 TV is a lot. I’d suggest putting one or two of the less played systems in another room and TV. Hope this helps 🙂

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