Vintage BMW touring bike with a heavy throttle?

My Gramp has a Vintage BMW Tourer with quite a heavy throttle is there any simple ways to make it easier for him. He’s looking at getting a plastic thing I think it’s this

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  1. Mr. Smartypants says:

    When you say ‘vintage’, do you mean an ‘airhead’, the bike BMW made in the 70s and 80s with cylinders that come out the sides? I have one of those.

    The old BMWs had stiff return springs on the carbs. You can buy lighter ones. The plastic gizmo is just so you can hold the throttle open with the heel of your hand. It works well for long cruises where you hold the throttle at the same position for long periods. You could also get a ‘throttle lock’ that holds it in the same position (but you can still adjust it).

    For BMWs made in the 70s and 80s you can get a knurled screw that screws into the bottom of the right-hand controls. It tightens against the throttle shaft and holds it. You can tighten it for long cruises, and loosen it in places where you need to use the throttle a lot. Look on the bottom of the right hand control cluster and you’ll see a threaded hole that this screw goes into. It’s a standard BMW part so if your local BMW shop doesn’t have one they can order it for you.

  2. Bill Wells says:

    You need to clean the inside of throttle cable and lube it. riding 50 yrs

  3. Nightwrath says:

    Older Guzzis (especially those with pumper Dell’Orto carbs) have a similar problem.

    It is possible to fit lighter springs to Dell’Ortos, and it looks as if you can do the same with the Bings on a BMW.

  4. Dan says:

    That won’t fix his problem, he needs to find out while throttle is stiff, some tour bikes had a part similar to this but it locked, I think he left his locked on. Look at his bike take off everything that is not BMW.

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