Virgin Atlantic profit,sales and market share?

Could anybody please tell me what is Virging Atlantic profit,sales and market share? and also their GDP?

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  1. Aha! says:

    Sales (Revenue): £2.740 bn
    Operating profit (profit before tax, depreciation, interest payments, amortisation; i.e. profit after expenses): -£80.2m (there is a loss of £80.2m)

    There is no information on market share that I could find; even then you have got to ask market share in what aspect? UK market? Atlantic routes? Revenue? Aeroplane travel across the world?

    GDP = gross domestic product; it’s a measure of how much output a COUNTRY has produced. It’s not really relevant in terms of company performance. This is normally the equivalent, in economic accounting terms, of the operating profit; but that is a very inaccurate descriptions because of the various adjustments that need to be made by most economic accountants (financial accountants don’t really consider this to be within their area of expertise).

    Besides, the internet doesn’t really show financial information on private limited companies; you’re better off looking for a plc as an example. Furthermore, it’s a subsidiary (a branch off a bigger company), so the financial results tend to be mixed with the parent (bigger company). e.g. PC World is a subsidiary of Dixon Group plc.

    Hope this helps

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