Virgin mobile deals ?

Thinking of getting a blackberry 8520 on the deal thing. is it worth it? Help

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One Response to “Virgin mobile deals ?”

  1. Namsung galaxy says:

    The ”Virgin BlackBerry £12.26 with unlimited email & BlackBerry Messenger” only gives you 50 mins, 250 text and 1GB mobile internet. The overall cost of the contract is £294.24 whereas you can get a better deal from another company. Orange give you 300mins, unlimited text and 500mb of data and free push email each month and the overall cost of the contract is £225. Plus you get better perks such as 2-4-1 cinema tickets each wednesday or 2-4-1 meals at pizza express. You can also register another orange number as part of your ‘magic number’ and you both can call eachother for free.

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