Virgin Mobile New Contract Billing Error?

Just took out a new phone contract with Virgin. Been with them for 2 years and so they said on the phone they would do me a deal on one of the latest handsets. Originally it’s £43 but because I have a been customer + media customer I would get it for £23 per month. Great right? However, the new phone came today and on the new contract it clearly states £43 and there is nothing on there about a discount. Kinda annoyed because I can’t really activate new sim yet without full clarification but the call centre is closed until monday now… What shall I do? Go ahead and load up new sim and phone? or wait til monday to find out exactly what’s going on?
Appreciate your opinion in advance!

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3 Responses to “Virgin Mobile New Contract Billing Error?”

  1. b says:

    Cancel it, you can get cheaper than £23/ month

  2. RomanZol says:

    Honestly whoever told you that is 100% untrue. Just because you have been a customer with them they are not going to lower your bill with them. It stays the same unless they change it for everyone. I know becuase I am an authorized dealer with them.

  3. Mr Freckles says:

    Set it all up. Check your online account, it may be displayed here. If no discounts are shown, give them a call and state that you would either like this discounted tarrif your mobile account canceled. When buying a contract phone you have 14 days to try it out.
    Hope this helps

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