Visual Basic 2010 Chapter 4 Problem 5 Programming Challenges…. Need Help W/ Code?

hey guys im in a comp programing class and i need help with this specific problem. So here it is…
A software company sells three packages, Package A, Package B, and Pack C, which retail for $99, $199, and $299, respectively. Quantity discounts are given according to the following table:
Quantity Discount
10 through 19 20%
20 through 49 30%
50 through 99 40%
100 or more 50%
Create an app that allows the user to enter the # of units sold for each software pkage.
*I know how to do that*
The app should calculate and display the order amounts and the grand total in a Label control. the Clear button must clear all text boxes andcalculated labels. the Exit button must close the window.
input validation: Make sure the # of units for each package is numeric, and is not negative.
Use the following test data to determine if the app is calculating properly:
Units sold Amount of Order
Package A: 15 units Package A: $1,188.00
Package B: 75 units Package B: $8,955.00
Package C: 120 units Package C: $17,940.00
Grand Total: $28,083.00

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