Visual Basic Question, Need Help Fast Please!?

Here is a picture of the working program:
I have two problems that I need help with:
1) In the right list box, I need help with code that will display all totals from the left list box. So, if I printed two receipts on the left list box, I need both totals added in the right list box.
2) For some reason, I cant apply a discount (8 percent) to the final price. The list box displays the discount amount, but wont take it off from the total.
If you can, please take my code and add yours and point out with explanation on what you did. It’s a simple program for most out there, I’m just new at it.Thanks in advanced!
Basically, this program takes info from the customer including their items and adds them up.
Here is a link to the code for my program:
Thank you so much for the help!!!

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