Visual Basic Quick Question?

How do I add totals from receipts in one list box to another? I’m trying to grab the totals from values and print the sum in another list box. I need a quick answer with code that can help. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “Visual Basic Quick Question?”

  1. Maurizio says:

    You have Discount and Total = 0 because are before of subtotal formula, move two statement next to subtotal
    Subtotal = Numchewies …..
    Discount = discountvar * subtotal
    Finalprice = subtotal – discount
    Make a new global variable TotalDay(declare it at start code), then add new finalprice at TotalDay
    TotalDay = TotalDay + finalprice
    When press button3 show TotalDay value
    If you want store all finalprice, add an hide list to the form ex. lstHideTotals, then memo finalprice
    When you press button3, recover all values in lstHideTotals and show totalDay

  2. Strider says:

    can you show me a sample of your interface so that i can think of the logic that can help you… Thanks.

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