Vizio, Samsung, Or Insignia?

I am looking for a 32″ LED tv. It will be used in my small room for Xbox, movies, and hooking up my laptop via hdmi so multiple ports is important. Right now the Vizio (middle of the road brand I think) is cheapest as it is 165 after a gift card and employee discount. The Insignia and Samsung were significantly more at Best Buy. The Samsung was 325 and the Insignia was 265. Both were very similar. I will add a sound bar in the future since stock sound sucks. The Insignia hada matching sound bar for 100 extra. I know Samsung is the best out all of these but it is about 150 dollars more than the Vizio. Is it really worth it? Should I upgrade the a larger size?

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2 Responses to “Vizio, Samsung, Or Insignia?”

  1. Alan says:

    Let’s just be honest here – they are all throw-away TV sets. When (not if) they fail, you toss them away and buy another. So keep that in mind when you spend that little extra for some feature that will fall into the dumpster with the rest of the set.
    Last I looked and checked, Best Buy’s Insignia and Dynex house brands were not terrible sets at all. They seem to have a respectable picture and no serious reliability issues beyond the norm for a budget set. Word has it that Vizio has improved in reliability – but time will tell. They were an over-hyped bottom rung brand at one point, and their other products such as Blu-Ray players and sound bars are just plain to be avoided.
    You didn’t say the room size, but once you get the set home – you’ll find that they are always larger at home than in the store. Personally I’d buy a Dynex or Insignia 32″.

  2. random internet guy says:

    vizio – 165
    insignia -265
    samsung 325
    this is a no-brainer, get the vizio. sure the samsung is better, but it’s not worth paying twice as much.

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