vlookup and discount formula. help please…?


monthly income is 00. the cost of material is 25% of income.

i am offered a discount from my supplier, that if my bill for materials in any one month is between 0 and 0, i will get a discount of 2.5%, but

if the bill is above 0, i will get a discount of 5%.

so my question is for one month, in one cell, how can i use excel to find out, what is 25% of 00 (which is 0) formula AND

showing the material cost including the discount.

really would help if you showed me the formula or any ideas has to how to over come this. many thanks in advance.

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One Response to “vlookup and discount formula. help please…?”

  1. Zoe says:

    PHEW. This took me a long time, I felt compelled to test my knowledge of Excel lol. Put your income in cell A1(or any other cell as long as you change A1 in the formula to whichever cell you’ve put it in), then this formula in any other cell:

    =IF((A1*0.25)>350, (A1*0.25 )*0.95, IF((A1*0.25)>350, (A1*0.25)*0.975, (A1*0.25)))

    It will show the cost of material (25% of income) including any discount.

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