Vocal Use. Microphone Advice, What Mic?

For singing, i am a female. I have a wide ranged voice, and sometimes loud. But sometimes quiet.
Should i buy this mic:http://www.amazon.co.uk/Samson-CO1U-Stud…
Or this mic:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PROFESSIONAL-U…
Or any other professional vocal mice for under 150 pounds?
Also would prefer condensing and/or pop filter.

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One Response to “Vocal Use. Microphone Advice, What Mic?”

  1. Glina Poon says:

    I just bought a Audio Technica 2020 USB mic and I think it’s quite good for vocal recording.
    Blue yeti USB will do the great job too. Check some review videos on youtube.
    About your problem for your voice volume, post-editing will be helping much better as long your recording don’t “hit the red bar” of the volume.
    pop filter is using for filtering the “b” and “p” sound. I was using a dynamic mic for recording and it doesn’t have any prob with it but when I started to use my condeser mic, the “pop” sound occured when I pronounce “b” and “p” so I will definitely need a pop filter/ a black sponge mic cover to solve the problem if your mic is very sensitive.
    Sorry for my bad english, hope i able to help you

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