Vodafone Top-Up Deals?

I Am Looking For Vodafone Top-Up Deals
So When You Top-Up Monthly They Give You A Deal.

Any Ideas Where I Can Find These ??

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One Response to “Vodafone Top-Up Deals?”

  1. Josh says:

    have you not seen the new vodaphone deals they are the only phone compnay now that offer whats called "freedom packs"

    £10 top us gets u 200 free calling mins and 250 free texts for a month

    £15 top up gets you 400 free mins and 500 free texts a month

    £20 top up gets you 600 free mins and unlimited free texts a month

    they are now better than any other phone servirve now .. and you cal call any cell network in the uk..mostly i am not only putting 15 pounds a month on my phone and its great !

    rember go to a voda phone shop and ask for a "freedom pack"

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