Voucher chaos? what do I mean?

I work in a petrol station, affiliated to the Co-op. The Co-op Supermarket has been rebuilt, opposite us, following a fire last year. They have produced vouchers on a flyer for 4 weeks. If you spend £50 you get £6 off. Total vouchers £24!
The New store opens on 13th Nov but since 7th Nov, Tescos have been accepting, up to 7 vouchers, for each transaction meaning if you spend £43 and use 7 vouchers, you get the whole lot for £1!. We have been giving out the flyers in the garage and people have been buying 10p sweets,
going out and coming in to buy 10p sweets and going out etc. just to get the vouchers. ‘cos it’s one flyer per costomer.
Apparantley Tescos is ‘heaving’ It takes an hour to park and another hour to buy 2 articles and get out! How mad is that?
At the beginning of the week I told you how quiet we were because we had no fuel. Now, we have to have 2 tills going the whole time, it’s manic.
I’m never satisfied am I?

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7 Responses to “Voucher chaos? what do I mean?”

  1. SHAN says:

    Do you mean Tesco’s is accepting Co-op vouchers? If so aren’t they breaking some kind of law? If not then they should be! Tesco’s are bent on world domination it seems!

  2. Knownow't says:

    You have me confused already….sounds like a bit of a shopping war going on….and I bet Tesco wins…..they also knock 5p off a litre of petrol as well don’t they…..should look for another job….In Tesco’s

  3. cukkoo says:

    hey how about sending me a few of them vouchers….I could do with a few of thoughs!!….sounds manic!!…good luck!

  4. pink carnation says:

    ok i’ll read that again .

  5. grodno says:

    Trust Tesco’s to exploit the opposition, they are never satisfied.

  6. sherryn says:

    In the end, doesn’t it all come down to just ONE thing? Making the customer happy? Perhaps not!

  7. Maid Angela says:

    Shan Tescos will accept any legitimate vouchers they take Sainsbury’s ones round our way. Of course it is not breaking any law they can sell their goods for whatever they like, Money, credit or bits of paper

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