vouchers for wedding gift?

We’re getting married next year and having to send the invites out fairly early as family and friends are spread wide! We’ve been living together for over 3 years and don’t want toasters / tea towels etc., I need a poem for vouchers! Any ideas? Many thanks.

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  1. cjsmummy says:

    just register for vouchers – honestly,you don’t mention gifts on the invitations and it doesn’t matter how cute a poem it is,it will still be seen as begging!in this case,i suppose you will have to include something with the invitation,especially if they cant come to other pre-wedding events so put your wedding website address on a card with the registry list on there or include a card with the details on

  2. emgee says:

    We are tacky
    We are crass
    We don’t need no toasters
    Just send us cash.

  3. Halo Mom says:

    People have a right to give you what they choice
    You do not have a right to tell people what to get you

    If they want to give you a card that would be fine

    If someone put a tacky poem, I would get less than what I was planning

    In the US, towels and toasters are more shower gift then wedding gifts
    Most people do not give those gifts for wedding
    Most give money, if they give gifts it more like vases or crystal frames or clocks
    Things that you could keep for a long time, special things
    Not everyday things

    Please do not do that

  4. thisjustin says:

    Yes how about "and please absolutely no gifts only the honor of your presence is requested"

  5. seamstress says:

    No matter how you attempt to disguise it, there really is no way to beg for vouchers that holds even one iota of social grace.

    It is oh so incredibly gauche to request any type of gift in a wedding invitation or otherwise. My goodness, please do not embarrass yourself this way and have some class.

    Whenever anyone asks for a specific gift in a case such as yours, I never oblige. If I received anything even close to what you are suggesting, I always give a toaster, without the box.

    Please learn some social grace as not to make a fool out of yourselves. If you live together and have everything, then you really need nothing, eh??

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