Walked Out On Cloth In Store!!!!! Helpppp Pleaseeeee!!!?

I was in hollister today and these was a huge sale and i was looking around nd i could find anything. Then i walked out of the store and 4 feet out of the store i looked down an saw a blue tank top on my arms (i had my jacket on my arm nd the shirt was on top of my jacket so i didnt feel it) and i looked at it after i was a floor above the store. I looked at it and the tag was on and the sensor was on the shirt too!!! But the alarm didnt ring!!! I went to the bath room after and took the sensor out.. But pulling it and it poped open ( i did this because i didnt want other stores to ring when i go in or out) and i was soo scared so i went home 10 mins after this happened cuz i dont no wat to do!!! My mom wanta to go to hollister tomorrow to catch some sales and im coming along cuz i dont have a choose. Nd im afraid someone in the store camara will see me and call the police!!! Im 14 and i already had 2 police record!!! I CANT GET A 3rd! (I ****** UP SO MUCH TIMES IN MY LIFE AND I WANNA CHANGE!!!! I stole once when i was 12 and 13!!) i stopped stealing after tht!!! WILL THE PEOPLE IN THE STORE REMEMBER ME FROM TODAY WHEN I GO TOMORROW HELPP PLEASE!!!!

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One Response to “Walked Out On Cloth In Store!!!!! Helpppp Pleaseeeee!!!?”

  1. Shawarma says:

    First of all, they’re probably different workers.
    Secondly, so many people walk into the store during a sale, they won’t remember.
    Third, if the alarm didn’t ring, you should be fine.
    Fourth, Just take the shirt back and put it where you found it. No one will even notice it’s gone.

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