Want To Buy A House – Need Instructions On Future ! Whats The Best Way?

I am currently 18, studying at university 1st year. I have had two jobs since i was 16 3/4, the second paying more (new job better pay ! ) therefore i have had income every month for over two years. I have student loan and grants coming in a year and by the time i finish university hopefully i will have saved around £15,000. I have two credit cards, one student and one who have just increased my credit limit. I therefore assume i have good credit ( i have a number of direct deibts including two expensive mobile contracts + staff discount ) and i am very carefull with money ! ! I also drive, with regular spendature on petrol and i have paid my insurance outright like a don so not to worry.
There is an increasing amount of pressure for me to buy a house, not just for family but for my own family in the future. My parents are in no position to help me more then a few thousands for a deposit due to bad credit problems unfortunately. I cannot depend on them. What is the best way or how can i improve things so i can buy a house as soon as possible, and how long am i expecting to wait? Eg do i wait for a strong career (im more or less gauranteed a job as long as i do well) however my partime job has the potential to pay a lot more. I want a house so bad !

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