Want To Engrave An Ipod..?

I bought my boyfriend and iPod nano 7th Gen for his Christmas and I’d really like to engrave him a message on it. I never used Apple’s free engraving service because I will be using “special characters” so if I do get it engraved I will take it to a jewelers. However, I know engraving an iPod can cause damage and also lowers the value of an iPod, so I was wondering if there was anything else I could do? I’ve been looking at cases for the iPod and wondered if they would be able to be engraved?
For example, could this case be engraved?
Or should I risk it and get the iPod engraved? also it will not be sold on so there is no worry about it being devalued in price.
The engraving > 9x – 7i > 3(3x – 7u) (he loves maths)

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One Response to “Want To Engrave An Ipod..?”

  1. Steven says:

    i wouldent and i have had alot of ipods but the main reason is not just decrease the value but may damage the battery memory

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