Was I Wrong To Beat Up This Homeless Man?

I was sitting outside on a nice day in montreal at a small locally owned pizza resto eating 2 large pizzas between me and my friends back in my university years. A group of spanish tourists were passing by, and they stop at the pizza place for food. A homeless black dude who looks frail walks down the sidewalk and is carrying a 12 pack box of beers, all empty and has obviously drank them all himself. He sees the girl in the group. shes pretty hot so he tries to force her to kiss him. I left it to the guys in the group to stand up for her and continued to eat my pizza. Then he came over to our table and tried to take one of our pizza boxes. My friend took it back from him and placed it on the table. The homeless guy snatched it again, and this time, he pulled harder than my friend and was shouting obscenities at him. My friend backed down cause hes a real pussy. I lunged at him and beat him until his mouth started to bleed and he stopped resisting. At that point I pushed him away, appologised to the restaurant owner, we grabbed our pizza and were on our way home. I had a flight the next day and could not afford to waste time with police for this guy. When I came back from vacation I saw the restaurant owner and he gave me a heros welcome back home. He said this guy was hassling all his clients and since the day I gave him that beating, he never came by his restaurant again. He gave me a permanent 50% discount on all his pizzas and burgers.

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6 Responses to “Was I Wrong To Beat Up This Homeless Man?”

  1. Jacques says:

    A 50% discount on pizza makes everyhting OK… Seriously, it sounds like the guy had more than provoked it. As long as you didn’t take it too far, and you got half price pizza, i’d say it was justified…

  2. princess says:

    Me personally I applaud you, what The guy did was wrong as hell.
    So don’t feel guilty about it the man was dangerous and you seen that and did something about it.

  3. Selin says:

    may be. i think the restaurant owner has more responsibility than You guys
    any how Well done

  4. Mac says:

    I think the best thing to do was to simply walk away coz they guy is drunk and he’s not completely in control of his actions. But if u thought that was the only choice you had at the time then its ok as long as you didn’t take it too far 🙂

  5. avengedS says:

    Not at all. We need more people like you tbh.. I’m surprised those spanish women didn’t fall for you.
    BTW, watch out for the NAACP, just in case.
    On a serious note, watch out, that black dude whom you beat up may come back for revenge.

  6. Blue 22 says:

    Good job you did the right thing. And Im black

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