Was This Guy Flirting Or Being Creepy?

Ok so my younger sister (12) and I were at the mall and on our way out I wanted a orange Julius and she wanted a pretzel. So I get in line for a drink and a little down she gets in line for a pretzel. I get my drink and go up to her she is giving him the money and he looks at me and says where is my orange Julius I just smile because I’m shy but then i say why drink this when u get free drinks here all day then I say well you should get a discount so go buy one and he says I don’t want one anyways I ask why and he doesn’t answer my sister gets her pretzel and we start to walk away when he says maybe sometime I can buy you one of course I’m dumb and just smile and keep walking!!! I regret it i wish I would have gone back

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3 Responses to “Was This Guy Flirting Or Being Creepy?”

  1. Jane says:


  2. FrAnKiE says:

    He was TOTTALLY flirting ! You never know he could be a nice guy go back and see if he’s there (:

  3. Amonte says:

    No he just liked you and wanted to get to know you a creep would probably follow you

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