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For those of us that love history, science and learning about our planet or space the Smithsonian Channel is now in HD. Smithsonian HD is part of their HD Extra Pack which can be added to any package if you have a HD receiver or high-def DVR. Along with this package you will get four additional channels in high-definition: MGM HD, HDNet, Universal HD, and Music HD. MGM HD, HDNet, and Universal HD are a great way to get more movie options in high-def.

The winner of not one but five Parents' Choice Awards this channel is an excellent educational experience for the whole family. The Parents' Choice Awards are given to show that are entertaining and educational and "stimulate imagination and inspire creativity." The shows or programs from Smithsonian Channel that won as award on March 27, 2008, are: Loose at the Zoo Golden Lion Tamarins, America's Treasures, Nature Tech, Critter Quest, and Stories from the Vaults.

Smithsonian HD has some interesting series programming including America Wild & Wacky which takes a look at unusual events, parades, and contests across the country. Stories from the Vaults is another great series that takes viewers into the vaults of the Smithsonian museum. Viewers can learn about civilizations from long ago by watching the series The Lost Gods. Light at the Edge of the World takes viewers on a journey with anthropologist Wade Davis as he investigates four cultures and their customs. Additional series on Smithsonian HD are Critter Quest, Nature Tech, and Nick Baker's Weird Creatures.

Whether you are looking for content on interesting animals such as the panda and the tiger or you want to explore our world by venturing to Yellowstone or Egypt, you can find it on this amazing channel. From technological advances such as the zeppelin or the super car to biographical information on fascinating historical people such as Katsushika Hokusai or Mary Celeste this channel has a wealth of content. The Smithsonian Channel is great channel to load up your DirectTV DVR [] with programs and series.

The introduction of HD programming from Smithsonian Channel has been a big draw to DirectTV [] subscribers. High-definition is an experience unlike any other with the amazing clarity, vivid colors, superb audio, and wide screen capabilities. Watching these shows on a large screen HDTV is like being directly a part of the film. While you are viewing a HD show you feel like you can reach out and touch the people, creatures, and objects. It is nothing short of amazing. You will not want to go back to standard definition.

Direct TV is the leading provider of satellite television in the country. This provider has an incredible lineup of HD channels, 95 in all. In the coming months subscribers can expect to receive more high-def channels after the recent successful launch of a new satellite. With over 200 channels available DirectTV remains the top choice for television programming. Smithsonian HD is leading the way for educational entertaining programming on DirectTV HD [].

Source by Whitney Alen

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