We Had A New Consumer Unit Fitted At The End Of Last Year?

as well as an earthing ground spike.The house is Victorian & had little earthing at all when we bought it as well as only old fashioned fuses.
The electrician told us he didn’t give guarantees but surely we should have been given some official paperwork for the consumer unit ?
In our last house we were given an official form & also had to produce it for our buyer’s solicitor before the sale could go through.
The electrician was very experienced & an approved contractor with NICEIC.
Can anyone advise what we should have been given please so I can chase this up ? Thank you

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2 Responses to “We Had A New Consumer Unit Fitted At The End Of Last Year?”

  1. John says:

    I agree. He should have given you some documentation. Also you may have to have it checked. He should have told you this also. I would contact his trade organisation for advice. If he is doing things wrong they will want to know too.

  2. Pauline says:

    You should have been issued a Electrical Installation Certificate.
    The work should have been notified to Building control vis his registerered body (NIC)
    The NIC insist that members offer a 12-month warranty. (as do all schemes)
    First step:
    Go to your local council website & check Building Control Notifications.
    Then call the installer.

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