We Have 50%joint Custody But My Has Never Been Ok With Judge Decision..so?

When i went to pick up my child, my ex never showed up at the place of exchange, He is hiding my daughter and wil not let me see her and all,and this week is my custody time(, court order) today i went to look for her and instead he gave me court papers to asking for full custody accusing me of: buying stolen property, selling drug, my,friends are thugs,that i tell my daughter to call my father, dad(her granpa)and to top it of, that he is afraid i will flea to another country and he will never see his daughter! he is the one concealing my daughter from me! Also since the custody was awarded i’ve never been arrested or anything to be accusing me of drug sales,or stolen property,nor there is a lot of criminals going in my house like he says! And that he does not want grandma around his daughter because who knows if she sells drugs! I am devastated with all this accusations .

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