Websites That Will Help Me Learn More About Mobile Phones And Services?

I was just recently promoted to a Mobile Phones Consultant at work. I am a great sales person, but I do not have much knowledge on cell phones. What are some websites than can help me prepare for this position? I start in two weeks! Thank you.

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  2. AMIR VFX says:

    for more than 10 websites 4 phones go to video link given and go to channel of it by clicking on uploader]
    please comment

  3. Rover says:

    When I started out I used This gives you news in the mobile industry and you can search by models (Little search bar on the top right) that gives you every spec under the sun. You can also research the companies, finding out the technology they use and some back story.
    Also is a good site for almost the same thing. is great for all technology, cell phones and other(PC, tablets, software ect)
    You should surf some sites that sell cellphones and accessories too. You want to know what your competitors offer so your not caught off guard when a customer says xxx place has that phone for $20 ect. Start with what you have in stock at the store, find out what people are saying about the phones and plans for the companies you sell. It will take some time but if you really care it will become second nature.
    Someone can call me over the phone and say “I have the LG p999, how do I turn blah blah off?” Since I have been doing this for 10yrs I know exactly what model and provider its for. I love it when I can show a tech guru something about his/her phone they didn’t know before. This is my “Thing” so I spend countless hours reading and reviewing products and companies. Customers will want YOU when they feel your confident in what you sell and know.

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