Wedding Gifts- What To Get? Is This Idea Cheap & Nasty?

Im 21, my friends (who are the same age) are getting married this weekend and i haven’t bought a wedding gift yet. I have a child/family of my own so i cant afford much at all as im buying my partners outfit for the wedding this weekend aswell.
I wanted to buy them a couples photoshoot but was quoted over $400 which i just cannot do.
Everyone tells me to get them something for their house- they have been living together for ages already so im sure they have most stuff- in this day and age what do you buy as a wedding gift?
I was all relaxed because i decided to give them a $50 voucher for house. (a home-wears store) but now im worried that makes me seem cheap? i cant decide on something to get them so it would be better for them to choose but then they will know how much i spent? is a $50 voucher an okay gift or not good enough? help please the wedding is in 2 days?!

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11 Responses to “Wedding Gifts- What To Get? Is This Idea Cheap & Nasty?”

  1. Danielle says:

    Cash is always king when the two people are already living together. Give what you can and enjoy the wedding!

  2. Myra says:

    I would say a $50 voucher may seem cheaper than an actual gift (because the value is not known).
    They are not registered anywhere?
    You can always give them a nice themed “gift basket” type gift..
    Another great gift is to give them a website.. sounds expensive but it would actually be very cheap. You get the domain and web hosting… or just buy the web hosting and they can decide on the domain name later.
    This would be a very unique and special gift.. and you can do it in a rush because it’s online.
    I recommend SiteServing… they will be the best option as far as price and support. I use them and they are awesome.
    Give that a thought.. I think it would be great!

  3. Kaylin says:

    The cash voucher is a perfect gift. It is not seem cheap at all.

  4. CrazyChi says:

    That would be fine! They’ll put it towards whatever they need, and the rule of thumb for gifts in general is to give what you can and what you feel inclined to give.

  5. Ask Me! says:

    That’s fine. It’s a nice gift and an appropriate amount. Put the gift card inside a really nice wedding card and they’ll love it.

  6. swbarnes says:

    $50 dollars is plenty for a single person, and a gift certificate to a place like that that is very useful.

  7. I don't get it says:

    get them a gift certificate to adam and eve … it will help spruce up their sex life haha

  8. *Astro* says:

    Vouchers and Cash are always fine – don’t panic too much about the value. You spend what is in your budget and leave it at that. You shouldn’t feel pressured to spend more than you can afford just so that you don’t appear “cheap”.
    If in doubt, ask the bride and groom if there is anything (or things) that they would like but haven’t got. I know that there are some things that I just wouldn’t buy for myself but I have needed (eg one year my parents installed all new faucets throughout my house for an xmas present because they all needed to be replaced, but I didn’t have the time or money to do it myself).
    Your friends may just want a nice photoframe to put their wedding photo in or new towels. So ask first, but then the voucher or cash is a good back up

  9. almarj70 says:

    One of the best gifts I got when I got married was a $20.00 garlic crusher. I use that thing almost daily and I think of the giver almost every time I do. I think as long as you get the right gift then the amount you spend is irrelevant. If you get a voucher to a store they go to a lot or one that has things they need then you are on the right track. A $50.00 voucher sounds like a great idea to me 🙂

  10. RiRi says:

    This sounds like a great idea. $50 will be enough for them to either put it towards a bigger purchase, or for them to purchase many needed little things.

  11. Grin says:

    A $50 gift is a very good gift!

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