Wedding Invitations – How to Ask For Money

Knowing how to ask for money in your wedding invitations is a tricky business. You do not want to offend anyone but at the same time you do not want to receive gifts that you do not want or need. So how do you do it?

My tip is to first make them feel like they do not have to buy you anything. Although you will normally receive a gift from all your guests, some do not like you making an assumption that you will. Then advise them that they should want to provide a gift, contributions towards a particular present would be preferred. This is easier then just asking for money, for example ask for contributions towards your honeymoon or to decorating your home.

An example word is:

Although your presence at our wedding is enough, you should wish to provide a gift we would prefer contributions towards our honeymoon.

I would advise that this is placed at the bottom of your wedding invitation, underneath the RSVP address. You do not want to mention it too soon as it may seem like you only inviting them for their money. If you do not want to mention money in your wedding invitations you could mention it in a separate guest information sheet. This can either be sent with your wedding invitations or separately at a later date.

Alternately, rather than requesting money directly you could ask for vouchers. You could provide your guests with preferred shopping locations and they can choose what vouchers they buy and how much they spend.

I also believe that in today's world that asking for money has become more acceptable. More and more couples are co-habiting before they get married and therefore they probably have all the household items that would normally have been given as a present.

Also asking for a financial contribution from your guests allows them to provide what they can afford. There is nothing worse than for one of your guests to look at your wedding gift list and realize they can not afford anything on it.

Source by Ayshea Siddall

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