Well This Just Gets Stranger – What Would You Do? Please Be Honest?

I renewed my car insurance with a well known supermarket chain, in May 2012, The quote was £550 and I opted to pay monthly, at the end of June I realised no money had left my bank so I rang them, they apologised, and said the payment would start in July, at the end of August I realised again no money had left my back, Rang them again, they said the same thing.
Early October, again, they hadn’t taken a penny, so I spoke to the FSA (financial services authority), who advised me to email the insurance company to have proof I had let them know, which I did. However not even got a reply. All along i repeatedly checked askmid.com (the government website to check cars are insured), to which it was always insured.
However, 3 weeks ago I my car failed MOT, and was in effect a write off (its old), so I went and brought a brand new car, and my insurance quote for it was far cheaper on another company.
(this gets better, bare with me lol)
So I got my new insurance, and emailed my old insurer know that I wished to cancel my insurance, they replied within ten minutes, saying that’s fine, and they will send my No Claims Discount proof to me, which they did a couple of days later, and on that letter they stated, any outstanding balance would be returned to me by cheque within 7 days.
So to sum up, I had the insurance from May till December, original quote was for £550, for May till may 2013, and they never took a penny off me, despite all my efforts!!
I received a letter yesterday, from the company, I was convinced before I opened it, it was going to be a bill for half the £550……………. It wasn’t
Instead it was a cheque for almost £650, stating here is your refund for your car insurance, sorry to lose your custom etc etc etc
Ring them?
Bank It and splash out?
Bank it and save it?
Please be honest

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4 Responses to “Well This Just Gets Stranger – What Would You Do? Please Be Honest?”

  1. Debbie Queen of All ♥ says:

    Wow!!! That is quite a story. I don’t even know what to say. I suppose you could try calling them one more time, so you could say you tried everything, but so far they haven’t been the most competent. Then I guess the check is all yours. Thinking what I would do personally…I would have a hard time cashing that check, but you’ve tried calling and emailing so many many times. I guess it’s what you can live with. I probably would hold onto the check for a few months to see if they change their minds.

  2. Alex says:

    In view of all your efforts, I would bank the cheque, see if it clears, keep the money, but be prepared say for one year to return it, only if asked in writing with convincing reason.
    After a year don’t ever answer any correspondence from them.
    If you do return the money make sure you deduct 25% for admin, just as they would have done.

  3. Scott says:

    Money you get incorrectly, even from gross incompetence lol, is sadly never yours to keep. Ever.
    There are a number of likely scenarios, one being an account number was entered wrong, and some poor guy is wondering why his insurance is so high!
    Whatever the reason(s), when the accounting error is discovered you will still owe your L550 and they will be wanting the additional L650 back.
    Although it is like beating your head against a wall, you really should be pro-active about this and demand to speak with a real supervisor, not just a mall mouthpiece until you can sort it out.
    With any luck, they will be enough embarrassed by your treatment and their incompetence, they may waive all or part of the bill…but don’t count on it.

  4. oklatom says:

    I would deposit the check in an interest earning savings account and leave it there. They may eventually realize their mistake and ask for it back, if they do at least you earned some interest on it. If not after a year consider it yours.

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