Weres the best place to pre order the ps4 ?

Need ideas

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  1. Ɗσnqυixσte Ɗσƒℓαmingσ says:


  2. Bone Alone says:

    Does it matter since the odds are almost 0% that you’ll get it at launch.

    If its just a preorder and you don’t care when it arrives, I would pick amazon since you’ll get an email about when you can expect it to arrive.

    GameStop is another option if you don’t mind being out on the waiting. When your order is available for purchase, you’ll get a call and I think you have 24 hours to pick it up.

    I would skip best buy because best buy sucks when it comes to preorders. Its just chaotic.

    You might get lucky with Walmart because it still has the display that says you can get it at launch, but I don’t know if Walmart is going to be able to fulfill all the preorders.

    Order directly from Sony. It should have more ps4 than any place else since it is their own stores.

    Toys r u is something to try because, let’s face it, its about to go out of business. The toys r us that I’ve been to for the past 10 years or so have always been deserted. Nobody goes there anymore so you might get lucky and get one before anyone else. I was able to get a second Wii from toys for Christmas back in December 2006.

  3. Nexus says:

    Pre-ordered my PlayStation 4 (£349.00) via the PlayStation website linked below. Due to high demand, the initial stock due to ship on the release date * 29th November 2013 * has sold out everywhere, but you will get your console delivered as soon as more stock is available soon after release. The longer you leave it to pre-order, the less chance of getting a PS4 before Christmas!

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