What about Marks and Spencers ?

Are they going to carry on employing an employee who outraged and distressed a customer by saying that the childrens bible she was buying could not be handled by herself as ‘it is unclean’ ?
The assistant is a Muslim and so far i am glad that we have not heard any baying for her blood in the streets but i think she should be sacked for giving offence and for not being able to do her job correctly.
The Marks and Spencer store is in Reading. The customer is Mrs Sally Friday from Old Basing. M&S spokesman says that there is an investigation taking place and has apologised to Mrs Friday. He also said ‘it does not reflect M&S policy and simply should not have happened’. A source close to the shop assistant claimed that there was some confusion over what the customer ‘heard’. However, Mrs Friday insists that she went to the till and heard the girl say it was ‘unclean’ and she then got someone else to serve her.
Inayat Bunglawala of the Muslim Council of Britain described the assistants comments as ‘offensive’ and called on M&S to carry out a thorough investigation. What do you think would have happened had a Christian refused to serve a Muslim ? I don’t think that needs answering! Shades of the teddy bear!
Actually Topshopc, it isnt entirely up to them. If they try to dismiss her there will be problems but there will also be problems unless she apologises to Mrs.Friday and M&S as her employers may be drawn into something which they dont want to be a part of. Had i been Mrs. Friday i would have insisted that the police were called. Racial and religious intolerance is not to be borne anymore in this country – i suffered from it as a Roman Catholic brought up in a small village as a child – taunted and humiliated and even asked once seriously if we really did eat babies!

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17 Responses to “What about Marks and Spencers ?”

  1. ketkonen says:

    You know, all this stuff is crazy. Stayed in hotel in Malaysia, the hotel left both a bible and a koran in each room. Now Malaysia is a Muslim country and they have no problems with the 2 books sharing the same draw. Thing about Muslims in Britain is they use the PC thickos to advance their agenda in the name of multiculturalism and diversity. Oh dear !!

  2. Paulrambler says:

    Hopefull not.

  3. Jane H says:

    Eh? She wipes her own a rse don’t she? So how can paper be unclean?

  4. Charlie Glebby says:

    They’ll get her a shrink for her birthday.

  5. Barbie V says:

    I do hope not

  6. plato says:

    That sounds ridiculous
    where ever was she brought up?

  7. Faith says:

    Regardless of what the Assistant finds clean or unclean, if she can’t do her job which entails serving a customer, she deserves to be fired.

  8. cliveyboyuk says:

    The question is "Will they be brave enough to sack the employee" – Sadly I think not.
    What a pathetic country we now live in.

  9. Hugo Fitch says:

    Is this a true, serious story or just sensational, trumped-up rubbish you’ve read in the Daily Mail or Daily Express?

    In any case what’s a good Jewish firm like Marks and Spencers doing selling Bibles? It’s bad enough that they sell prawn sandwiches!

    Oi! Gentiles!

  10. LISA H says:

    I hope not too

  11. The King of Shock and Awe says:

    Perhaps she should wear latex gloves if she feels it is a cleanliness issue.

  12. maxwell says:

    A muslim can hold a bible, jesus is a prophet to muslims and the bible is a respected book. Was this a story from the Daily Racist, oops sorry I mean the daily mail

  13. Karma Police says:

    Link to the story please- if it is from the Daily Hate Mail then I will be sceptical about it’s accuracy

    If this is true, then obviously they would be severely reprimanded, if not sacked.

    Oh please, if they were Christian then they would be treated EXACTLY the same.

  14. trish says:

    She was trying to cause trouble! Let her have her way – deport her!

  15. sparklyarse is back! says:

    She is unsuitable for the job and should be released from her position.


  16. charterman says:

    I haven’t come across this story yet, but I shall be enraged when I do.
    All these religious zealots would not know the teachings of their prophet, be it Allah or Jesus if they jumped up and bit them!.
    This is just a stupid woman trying to make trouble. If our bible so offends her, she can go and live under Sharia Law.
    When you do your food shopping, pick a Muslim on the checkout and buy lots of bacon and alcohol!.

  17. Topshopcitybeachbabe says:

    thats up to M&S

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