What advert do you hate the most?(UK)?

I have to write an essay on a annoying and hated advert.
I got gocompare down my list. Also got wowcher, Sheila’s wheels, webuyanycar, comparemarket.
Any other adverts that you hate that are in the UK?
Woops. comparethemarket*.
Lelli Kelly is on my list too (high pitched voices and their shoes are so expensive)
I’ve seen the Cadbury one!!!! I dont think it has enough ascepts for me to write up about but yes, very creepy storyline to air. What were they thinking?!
The secret escapes was the hotel one? It does get rather annoying when it appears on TV so much.

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6 Responses to “What advert do you hate the most?(UK)?”

  1. Willow Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ says:

    All the bingo Ads
    they must be the worst ever – have people got money to chuck around.Seen a programme about how one woman got herself into £40k plus of debt.

    Weight watchers – with SLIM people advertising it.

  2. Anna says:

    I think it might be Wonga.com or somthing like that. The advert has annoying and creepy puppet things of three old people :L The adverts are terrible!

  3. Rose. says:

    -chanel No.5 with Bradd Pit, but thats more embarrassing then annoying.

  4. JOHN G says:

    I find that ad for Cadburys Crispello where the young girl says she thinks her boyfriends dad is hot rathy weird, the girl can’t sing and she only looks about 13 , rather creepy.

  5. Andy G says:

    Hi there , I hate these adverts : Tool station , foxy bingo.com and the hotel advert where that woman whispers everything to us ? lol

  6. Chloee says:

    I hate;
    1. mini max breakfast cereal
    2.that "safestyle" window advert with that man constantly shouting at you
    3.la la loopsy dolls
    4. those aldi adverts where it says "i like this brand but i also like this brand"
    5. those "dont do this to nan this christmas" thing its like dhs or some funiture thing
    6. funkypigeon.com
    7. moonpig.com
    8. lloyds tsb with that woman going "o o o o " to a annoying tune with the cartoon people
    thats just my opinion:)

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