what are discount codes and how do you use them?

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  1. zigmanfraud says:

    Discount and promo codes are used by online retailers as incentives to buy from them , they can be for free shipping or a percentage off your sale, during checkout, they will hace a place to enter your code and this will allow them to subtract the amount from your total/

  2. munkeybouyuk says:

    discount codes i assume would get you a discount and make an item that you wish to purchase cheaper, and it all depends on where the code is from as to haow you would use it also it would depend on where you are buying something from to say how you would need to use them , i think you need to give more details about your question as to what you are talking about so that we can answer your question in more details

  3. Yahoo says:

    When a company is advertising or doing a promotion they often include discount codes, also known as promotional codes, for on-line shoppers. So Tesco might offer £5 off a £50 shop and will give a Discount Code which you apply at the on-line checkout. They might offer free delivery on your first order for example and again, they would print a discount code to be used in the same way.

    There are also websites where you can look up and submit discount codes so that other users can have access to them. Eg


    Hope this has been of help.

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