What Are Jobs That Can Strengthen Your Personality?

Hello 🙂 I’m looking to take a job in the summer, and I was wondering what jobs can strenghen my personality. I was supposed to take an internship in HR, but didn’t have any luck. There are no jobs in HR that I can do I think, specially that I’m still in my second year of university and have no experience. Which jobs can strengthen my personality (I’m a bit shy & don’t know how to talk to people very well) and has some good human relations? I was thinking of sales jobs, but I don’t know yet. I need a job related to business. Any opinions?
Thanks for reading! 🙂

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One Response to “What Are Jobs That Can Strengthen Your Personality?”

  1. It's a Secret says:

    My job as a cashier at Mc Donald’s when I was a lot younger helped me out of my shell. I also had a job going door to door asking for donations. Working in a clothing store can be fun, too.

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