What Are Some Easy Ways To Raise Money?

What are some easy ways to raise money?
I’m only 15 so there’s not many jobs out there that allows me to work.
I really want to help my family out with financial problems because they’re already struggling to pay for my sister’s college.
What are some easy ways to raise money other than babysitting and yard sales, the usual stuff.
I’d really appreciate it! thank you.

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3 Responses to “What Are Some Easy Ways To Raise Money?”

  1. Fernando says:

    Do youtube videos and get them monitized

  2. Patrick says:

    Be a mexican and cut people’s yards for money $$$$ 🙂

  3. Mason says:

    Believe it or not but I made $3000 in a single summer from this. I sold weed. I don’t even do drug I jut did it to stupid jr. High kids. You may think it’s crazy and stupid but if ppl don’t expect you to do it then that’s how you’re alot.

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