What are some good speakers that give off good bass?

i listen to lots of edm and bassy music. so i need some speakers or even a speaker set made of several different brands. i need to be able to be fairly transportable (fit in a car) in case i need to bring them somewhere like a mates house. i am currently looking into these http://www.amazon.co.uk/Harman-Kardon-Wireless-Soundsticks-Satellite/dp/B008UR1LPS/ref=dp_ob_title_ce . ill keep them in my room and that is where they will be mostly used. they need to max an aux cable connection or a bluetooth setup as well as the standard issue stuff so i can connect my computer as well as an iPod.
also if anyone can give me a link thatd be great

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  1. Charlie says:

    Right now their is a set of old school Punch 6/9 full range speaker’s on E bay in the car audio area. They are (Rockford Fosgate Punch FRC3369A), Don’t confuse these speaker’s with Rockford’s new stuff,these are new old school equipment and will blow away any newer 6/9 from Rockford. New back in the day they were 150 buck’s i think the guy want’s less then 100 new.check them out.I own a set myself. Still for sale just looked.

  2. Paul says:

    With 200 pounds you can get a pair of decent studio monitors. don’t go for the looks

  3. NONAME says:

    It is only a 6" sub so you will get punchy bass but not the deep stuff. You are paying for the looks with them more than anything. Personally I would go to Currys/PC World and listen to some speakers first. If you want bass look as Bose or Yamaha as they have a nice rich bass sound compared to most others.

  4. Timbo is here says:

    It is not just the speaker but also the box the speaker is in and where you place it.
    We have a Sony soundbar that as well as being able to be used with the TV can be linked by bluetooth to a phone to play music. The bass box is about 15 inches cubed and the bar about 36 ins long and 3 ins diameter so easily transportable
    It also has an optical input so the sound from many, though not all have it, computers can be linked in too.
    Cost about £250. The bass is so good it shakes the floor

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