What Are Some Really Good Books?

I have a water-stones voucher I need to spend. I don’t really enjoy reading, however I tend to like really scary horror books. What are some good books I might enjoy?

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7 Responses to “What Are Some Really Good Books?”

  1. May says:

    The goosebumps series.

  2. Solo says:

    I don’t really read horror. However my friend just finished this book and she says it is good. Dark Matter-Michelle Paver.

  3. Party animal says:


  4. Alex says:

    Read The Hobbit it’s amazing, I’m just like you maybe even worse I hate reading but the hobbit was so good.

  5. CJ says:

    Cell by Stephen King
    13 Bullets: A Vampire Tale by David Wellington
    The Burning by Bentley Little
    Dracula by Bram Stoker
    Desert Places by Blake Crouch

  6. blunderb says:

    You might like a serial killer book called “ALMOST BLUE.” It’s by an Italian author named (I think) Lucarelli. I don’t usually go for grotesque stories but this one is quite convincing…

  7. Hailey says:

    My favourite series is the Morganville Vampire Series. Yes it’s about vampires, but it is nothing like Twilight. It takes place in Morganville Texas, and the vampires run the town. It’s full of suspense, horror, mystery and romance. It’s a great series. It has 13 books, and there are rumors that the author (Rachel Caine) will be coming out with 2 new books in 2013. Each book is approximately 250 pages, until you hit book 9, where they go into the 300s. Hope this is a good reccomendation!

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