What Are Some Reasons That The Universe Is Not A Computer Simulation?

I am getting annoyed by this idea, the Matrix is a film – man-made..so are computer simulations. Also, consciousness is purely energy, and conscious cannot be simulated. I need other reasons, too, because ideas like this can be very dangerous to the depressed or mentally ill so I would like to be given reasons to discount this idea.

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5 Responses to “What Are Some Reasons That The Universe Is Not A Computer Simulation?”

  1. Sagan says:

    I think therefor, I am?

  2. Acetek says:

    I personally go with “Is our physical world the “totality of reality” or is it just “part of the picture,” an illusion?”
    The physical is an illusion and only the spiritual is real. Se the link

  3. James says:

    maybe we are all AI were designed not to know about our creators and think we are real.

  4. Plain Jim says:

    Some smart people are advocating for it, but I assume it’s just a form of trying to make sense out of something that we don’t have the fundamental understanding of. Kind of like the celestial sphere idea of the universe. It did work but the fundamental idea that earth was the center of the universe was wrong!

  5. Banana says:

    There are none, this could actually be a computer simulation. However the burden of proof lies on those making the claims, and because there is no proof, we can safely say this is not a computer simulation. However conciseness can definitely be simulated. If someone says this in a simulation in a computer, say prove it, it’s not your job to prove it wrong, it’s their job to attempt to prove it right.

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