What Are Some Things I Should Look For When Getting A New Vet For My Dogs?

I moved back to my hometown not long ago, so I don’t have a vet that knows my dogs. I was starting to get very unhappy with the vet I had before I moved away from my hometown, so I don’t want to return to them. I adopted a puppy at my local shelter and was given a voucher for a free initial vet check, so I made an appointment to take him in with a vet I’m not very familiar with. The vet has good reviews online, and I’m hoping to make them our go to vet, but I want to make sure that they are what I’m looking for before making that decision. What are some things that I should ask while there?

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3 Responses to “What Are Some Things I Should Look For When Getting A New Vet For My Dogs?”

  1. Akita says:

    I highly recommend you look for a holistic vet. I will not take my dog to Westernized veterinarians. All they want to do is feed my dog junk, pump him full of unnecessary vaccines and shove pills down his throat. Find a vet that is accredited through the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association). What I like about holistic vets is that they treat the entire animal, not just the symptoms.

  2. katie loves cake says:

    Here’s a list of questions to ask from the ASPCA:
    1. Is the practice AAHA-accredited?
    2. How are overnight patients monitored?
    3. What sort of equipment does the practice use?
    4. Does the vet refer patients to specialists?
    5. How are patients evaluated before anesthesia and surgery?
    6. Does the practice have licensed veterinary technicians on staff?
    7. What is the protocol for pain management?
    Ask to have a tour of the facilities and talk with some of the staff. The facility should be clean, organized, and comfortable; the staff should be friendly and competent. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the facility, technicians, and most of all your potential vet. This person will have a significant role in your dogs’ well-being, so don’t be afraid to look somewhere else if you just don’t “click.”
    Best of luck! 🙂

  3. Kandy says:

    I highly recommend you look in the phone book (Or around town) and write down all the vets near you. Then, look at their reviews online. Pick the one with the best reviews, then go there and check it out.
    When you check the vet out, look to see if it’s nicely decorated – A good scenery says if a place is good or bad (That’s what I noticed). If it’s good, go up to the counter and say that you’re new to this vet and you were wondering if it’s popular and good.
    Good luck and take care 🙂

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