What are the qualities of a good sales person?

Selling is a hard job but some people do it very well. What makes them better sales people than the rest?

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15 Responses to “What are the qualities of a good sales person?”

  1. green_eyes says:

    Someone who actually listens to what you are looking for, and doesn’t go off on a wild tangent about what they think is best. Listening is key. And taking a personal interest, so to say, in the customers. Not pushing them into something, but being understanding and making good suggestions. Also, knowing what yur talking about helps. Instead of being clueless about everything, and saying, "Well, ‘I think’ it’s ok, or blah blah blah whatever…." Make it seem like you know your stuff. And being polite, curtious, and respectufl is very important, as well as being friendly….i.e. a warm smile and hello, how are you today!!

  2. iusedtolooklikemyavatar says:

    Ruthless liars maybe?

  3. weezyb says:

    I work in purchasing and I can’t stand pushy cocky sales people, so keep that in mind

  4. Chingasos says:

    try wearing a really short skirt and no underwear, even if youre a guy

  5. Steve D says:

    Yup, lying is a good one. Always worked for me.

  6. ktray1275 says:

    they can sell Ice to eskimo’s

  7. dsclimb1 says:

    persistant liars, dull as possible so people buy something to get rid of you !!

  8. maya says:

    being honest and presentable and clean happy and not rude and can handle any thing

  9. Katies Price Is Always Right. says:

    Happy, Make convo, compliment, help when needed ect

  10. Leopold Bloom says:

    low levels of moral fibre

  11. Volsung says:

    Listening to the client… Bringing yourself into there prospective, making them understand your a friend and not some shark selling something, and the ability to be firm, but not threatening.

  12. mark_of_madness says:

    I have worked as a salesperson before being promoted.

    To make a good salesperson, you need to be a quick thinker, as soon as somebody makes a negative point, turn it into a positive.

    Superb Charisma skills – Be able to talk to anyone. You can’t be shy.

    Don’t take no for an answer.

    Agree with what they say – the customer doesn’t like someone who puts them down.

    Having a sense of humour helps, as making the customer your best friend, encourages them to buy.

    Pretend to listen. Your not their agony aunt, so make them speed up, or they will be there all day.

  13. Jmad says:

    For the most part it is their personality – some people are just great talkers and could sell ice to an Eskimo. Other are great listeners and understand what their customers needs are and go out of their way to meet those needs.

  14. Bow Hunter says:

    You have to be persistent but not a pest. Be honest because your clients will find out if your not. Know your products inside and out so you are well informed and you can effectively educate your clients. Know your competitors and their products. Get to know your clients and potential clients. Learn about their company by visiting their web site. This will let them know you care. Be service oriented as well. If they have a problem and you need time to get it fixed, keep in touch with them and let them know where you are in the process. The customer is NOT always right and when they aren’t handle it tactfully.

  15. John S says:

    Somebody that is not only capable of asking the question, but is willing to wait for the answer before making his recommendation.

    Sales is not about selling (weird, but true); its about asking the right questions, listening to the answers and establishing need/want. From there on in its just a simple case of supplying the right item/service. The customer makes the sale themselves.

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