What are the roles and responsibilties of nurses when dealing with patients with dementia?

I am doing a course on dementia training and wonder what the roles and responsibilities of medical professionals are when dealing with patients with dementia. Nurses, occupational therapists, etc? I am in the UK.

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  1. Kyra says:

    Nurses’ role can include:

    *Carrying out assesment (The Mini Mental State Examination is an assesment tool that will be used frequently when a person has dementia, to gain an idea of how the illness is progressing)
    *Creating care plans and ensuring the patient achieves the goals set out in them
    *Creating risk assesments
    *Observation, keeping records of this and sharing information with other professionals involved in care as nessasary
    *Administering medication
    *Providing someone for the patient and their family to talk through things with, and also give tips on managing the illness.
    *Co-ordinating care, referring the patient to a social worker or other professional if their input is needed.

    Tasks specalist to occupational therapists in regards to people with dementia:

    *Identifying risks in the patients home environment and organising changes to it that could help the life of the individual with dementia become more managable.
    *Organising specalist equipment the older person may need like walking aids, and monitering how they get on with these
    *Occupational therapists or occupational therapist assistants run groups, normally based on hospital wards where people with dementia can do meaningful activities and fill their time.

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