What Are The Signs That You Are More Than A Friend?

Im slowly becoming friends with this guy who works local and whenever I go into his work place the other workmates leave the two of us to chat and we can chat for ages though I usually am on lunch and him working so we get carried away. He is very good to me in helping me out when nobody else would or offered to.He gives me a discount and pet sat for me even though my dog is classed as a dangerous dog(softie) and all great. Hes very attentive to me and remembers what I told him.But as we have only ever chatted during work hours how do you know if theres more?He doesn’t live local either and is a very popular fella.I dont think he has a Gf though he told the neighbour hood busey body he had and she told me out of the kindness of her heart Im sure…. Any advice for me?

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