What are the strict teachings in the Bible, Koran and Torah regarding dealing with oppression ?

and dealing with injustice by a fellow man ?

if one attempts to cause you your friends and family suffering, what do the holy scriptures of these three faiths instruct one to do/not do ?

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7 Responses to “What are the strict teachings in the Bible, Koran and Torah regarding dealing with oppression ?”

  1. djmantx says:

    There is no Torah and Bible and Quran.

    The Torah is a part of the Bible.. the Quran is the teachings of the man Muhamamd who disagreed with God.

    The Word of God, who is Jesus Christ even according to the Quran says to Love your enemies and pray for those who hate you.

    The Quran teaches you to kill those who disagree with Allah.

    God Bless You my friend in your search for truth.

    Edit to Muslims, I think you mean Torah, Gospel and Quran.
    The Torah and Gospel are both the Bible.

  2. The Allknowing says:

    burn him up and bag his ashes.

  3. mohsin says:

    Well according to life of prophet Muhammad and Quran i can conclude that. there is a limit of some one bothering u. try ur best to be as humble as u can and in return be nice to him. this may cause him to realize that he is doing wrong. but is someone is crossing limit and forcing u out of ur home or fighting u because of ur religion u need to take serious actions. take him to police and judge(only option now adays). taking a revenge ur self is not allowed in islam and it is illegal in all of the states(i guess)

  4. Peace Walker Pakistani says:

    It depends on the suffering. The basic reply is:

    "Who avoid vain talk; (The Noble Quran, 23:3)"

    "And when they hear vain talk, they turn away therefrom and say: ‘To us our deeds, and to you yours; peace be to you: we seek not the ignorant.’ (The Noble Quran, 28:55)"

  5. jonathan g says:

    It really depends. That’s a great question! Jesus instructs us to turn the other cheek when we are oppressed because of our Faith. Slaves are to treat their masters with respect. With our own oppression we are to pray for those who oppress us. The reason for this is so that God may work in the oppressors through our obedience.

    When it comes to oppression of others, I think we are to do what we can politically to fight it. But, we should respect the laws of the land and the human authority. Think of what Martin Luther King Jr. instructed the blacks during the civil rights movement to do.

    BTW, the Torah is part of the bible. 🙂

  6. «♥Hëå®t ß®ëåkë®™♥» says:

    Torah, Bible and Qur’an have all been sent by the same God that we muslims believe in, Allah. We believe that over time people have changed parts of the Bible and Torah but the Qur’an we believe is being preserved by God, thats the reason we follow the Qur’an.

    The Qur;an instructs one to turn away from such people and to ignore it and make constant prayers to Allah.


  7. John1:1-14 hosea13:4 acts4:12 says:

    for genuine christians see romans 13 / matthew 5:39-48 / matthew 24 / revelation 12 .

    try to obey Messiah and become what He wants so you can be capable to deal appropriately with the different situations that arise thanks to satan and his children – 2 corinthians 4:4 / 11:12-15 / john 8:39-47

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