What Are The Things You Pick Up A Cake With Called.?

There big kind of tweezers but if you press them together they go in so you can pick up a cake.
I need to buy on on amazon so I need the name .

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5 Responses to “What Are The Things You Pick Up A Cake With Called.?”

  1. Kay says:

    Are you talking about a whole cake or a slice? There is no need for tweezers/togs. And no need to pick up whole cake. Use a spatulae or cake server to get one slice out.

  2. Markey says:

    Kitchen tongs or tongs.
    Not just used for cakes.
    You could also use a cake slice to serve cake with.

  3. Nikki P says:

    Cake cutter and server.
    I just did a quick search and put that term in and the image was there.

  4. Sal*UK says:

    Cake tongs?

  5. Druid says:


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