What are the typical interview questions for sales assistant position?

Hiya! Tomorrow I have an interview for sales assistant position for Guess and I’m so nervous, mostly because I’ve never had an interview before and also I have no idea what the questions may be like. Please help me with that one!


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  1. Keith says:

    I have been in the sales industry for 25 years. You do not need to worry, the only thing that will interest the company is your personality. Selling is a people industry. If you are friendly, wear a good smile, and have an eagerness to learn, the job will be yours! If you really want to do well in this industry, read ‘how to win friends and influence people’. I was told the same when I started. It changed my whole outlook on life. I owe a lot of what I have now just to this paperback!

  2. Hollie W says:

    I agree it is in your presence and your voice. Be very positive. They usually ask you questions about irate clients are about clients that say no they dont want it and they want you to gove a rebuttal b4 you trade down to something less expensive like tell them why it is a good idea to purchase color looks nice fits well…….
    then if not suggest something else. Just make sure you say to them that you are sure that you can sell anyhting because you have a very good attitude and make people feel comfortable in spending

  3. Keith says:

    You’ve had two really good answer there already, essentially people buy from people so, your presentation, neatly dressed, not too much jewellery, not too much make up, look smart but dress and present yourself to feel comfortable and confident. There are a huge number of sales theories out there and knowing one or two will show you’ve done some research and getting into sakes is really an exciting career option for you.

    To help you answer some of the typical questions asked for sales roles, here is a snaphot of how I train all my staff even non sales to follow the IDEA model

    ‘I’ introduce yourself, your company and your products portfolio. This does 2 things it’s gets the customer thinking about what you can do and 2 and this might sound ridiculous, but it reminds you of what you have to offer

    ‘D’ discuss everything you can with the customer, from weather, family, holiday plans (but not that indept, just enough to break the ice, then focus on the customer, what they or their business is doing plans to do, wants to do, must do, would like to do, don’t discuss the products or services you have to sell just yet, you don’t know what their wants and needs are yet.

    ‘E’ explore what you learned in the discussion, this is where you start mentally linking how your products or services can’t be presented to the customer in a format that links directly with the wants and needs you discussed previously and are now exploring.

    ‘A’ answer, the customer didn’t give you their valuable time for you to offer them your products or services, the customer gave you their time for help with problems their currently having, these are
    the wants and needs you discussed and explored, now it’s time to answer the questions you’ve built up in their head from I D and E, so answer these questions with how your products or services can meet the customers wants and needs.

    After that it’s all about closing the deal and when delivering your answers you need to get the customer over the line, and agree that your answer is the solution so you need to build in closing phrases into your answer, With I D and E you want the customer doing most of the talking, with A you need to be doing most of the talking and then channelling the customers answers into a YES, I coach my staff to say WIWYWII when doing A.

    Which Is What You Want Isn’t It… The customer either says yes or you’ve done a really poor IDEA!

    Closing the sale is always the hardest part, and my personal opinion is it’s a natural skill you’re born with or something you have to work very hard at, but not impossible. have you joined linkedin.com 
    there are some fantastic forums for sales techniques on that.

    For dealing with difficult or irate customers you can use IDEA also just adapt ‘I’ to talk more about the companies commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering quality products more so than talking about the actual products or services themselves.

    Contact me i’d be glad to share some of our sales training modules, barring that may I suggest you watch the movie glengarry glenross! 

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