What Are Ur Thoughts About Africa?

Hi there im african(well live in south africa) im 14 a girl and would just like to know what u think of it.well i can tell u that its a very beautiful place(south africa) although there is the upps and downs like every other country it obviously isnt perfect.and why do people always assume since im african we bring drugs to other countrys(some nigerians do),we all have aids and we all dark skinned so not true we mixed different skin colours?(Sorry we spell color as (colour). Well im just sick of all these nasty stuff being said when some isnt true cause i live in africa and im experiencing it i dont just assume anything.yeah i know we not rich like your country but u dont see us saying bad stuff about.your countrys…oh and feel free to say whatever u want

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5 Responses to “What Are Ur Thoughts About Africa?”

  1. AfricanB says:

    The west has done a hatchet job on Africa.
    If you ask most people about their thoughts about Africa they will think of a violent hellhole, savage and cruel, a place of war, genocide, famine, slums, disease, failed states, refugee camps, etc. Aids, malaria and Ebola. Mugabe, Idi Amin and now Kony. Rwanda and Darfur. Somali pirates. Corrupt government officials. Child soldiers. Black men raping virgins to spread Aids.
    The heroes of this piece ? White people like Bono. Angelina Jolie and Bob Geldof
    These stories proceed from and help support white racist ways of thinking :
    Whites are better.
    The natives therefore need their help. That is what whites like to believe. The truth is whites are no better than anyone else – just more powerful. And most of the time they use that power to screw up the natives in the process – who then become objects of pity in need of saving.
    The constant poverty in Africa is shown with a purpose. It is used to show that Africans are messed up. They can’t govern themselves. They need American and European aid. They need foreign soldiers on their ground. They need foreign control on their resources.
    There is no such thing as ‘aid’.
    What there is, is a system were the World bank gives out credits to African countries. They do this to insure the interests of the multinationals and their Western resource junkies.
    The resource rich African countries are held hostage by the West through debt. The payback is done to a large part by getting more resources at ridiculously low prices. The higher the debt the tougher the negotiation basis and the least favourable for the producing country. Those African countries are drawn into handcuff contracts of globally or regionally exclusive authorisations to exploit certain local resources.
    In contrast, local infrastructures are crumbling, social programmes and local developments are cut because of the paybacks. The so-called debt relief by western powers comes with a price. The African resource producing countries have to sell everything for a special discount price which opens the doors to all sorts of speculations from foreign investors demanding high returns.
    Another by-product the west is expecting from their ‘generous gestures’ is to get some more positive votes at the next UN assembly. In case of non-compliance to their conditions, they threaten the local authorities to pull their funds out or threaten them to initiate another government turnover.
    I have only one thing to say to those who point towards the poverty and wars in Africa. Protest against your government policies. Stand up against the wars that your countries wage against others (Libya used to be one with a good HDI before Obama & Co. bombed it to the ground, and yes, sponsored the killing of blacks in Libya by the rebels). If you don’t, then stop whining and shove your charity up your backside. Don’t use poor people as an excuse to feel good without doing anything good.
    When it comes to Africa, people are like a ref who catches the end of the play and call the foul based on what you saw. I on the other hand have seen the play develop and saw the first elbow thrown.

  2. Richard says:

    im Australian and we have a few south africans here and from what ive been told
    it looks like Australia
    very poor dangerous place
    there is a distinct racial and economic classes
    just over all not a good place and filled with racists

  3. M K says:

    I’m American. My thought’s are neutral. I understand a few bad apples can ruin the reputation for the rest. I also understand south africa is a heck of a lot different than north.

  4. Cheikh Einstein In Training says:

    Well, I don’t allow Western Media and Propaganda to dictate
    my thinking unlike most people. I am completely aware
    Africa is a diverse and beautiful continent.

  5. Faquarl says:

    Lots of tribal people. Lots of wildlife. Hot. I don’t know how modern it is.

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