what bargains can i bring back from poland?

going on a trip to poland soon what is the cheapest items of clothing or gifts of any sort i can get cheap compared to british prices, cigars even anyone know some price comparrisons, thanks

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  1. ★Martyna★ go2wikipedia LazyPpl☺ says:

    when it comes to clothes i dont think u will find great bargains, i live in Poland n i shop in a few cities in here i go to Warsaw quite often n i must tell u even durin sales i saw better bargains in Berlin where i go shopping too or in Koln than in Warsaw (and i compared New Yorker store n alike in those 3cities and a few other world wide known clothing stores), also my cousin lives in London n seems to be gettin better bargains there than here lol but still there are some bargains for sure sometimes u may find sth really cheap but i guess the difference wont be that stunning unless u r lucky =) in those international stores u ll see tags w/price in pounds/zł/E etc n u ll see the difference is very lil if any

    which city do u go to? it wud be easier to help u if u said where u r goin to go n give u a list of places to visit 😉
    as for Polish things hm go for amber as for alcohol hm vodka/ żubrówka (check it out on google), candy, our meat is awesome like sausages (normal n white), ham and all those 😉
    once i have heard that electronic things are cheaper here but im not sure i have never checked it maybe google it so u wud see the pice in Polish currency n u may convert it n compare if u have anything particular on mind add it here n i may give u some links, cigs i dont smoke so its hard to say lol but i think the better ones are like 5-8zł (probably some more too like 11zl) which is like a pound sth to 2pounds sth

  2. markgibbons58 says:

    a wife

  3. arfurchance says:

    Why d’you want to go to Poland, it’ll be empty by now?
    Ray. West York’s. U.K.

  4. brilock1 says:

    bring back the women!! some are really stunning and i have yet to see a minger !!!

  5. Charlie Farley says:

    Everyone will say vodka.. but I reckon the sausages (if that is still allowed under EU laws about transporting food?)

    One thing to be wary about is antiques:

    It is illegal to export goods older than 55 years that are of ANY historic value. If you intend to do so you need to obtain a permit from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (Source Wiki Travel Poland)

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