What Can I Buy For My Friend For Christmas?

I have a good friend that I need to buy a Christmas present for but she is very hard to buy for. Because she’s got asthma perfume, scented candles and all that body/beauty gift sets are out of the question. She doesn’t drink and is a vegetarian and also diabetic so chocs/sweets are out of the question. She also is very OCD hence the candles kinda being out of the question as she would never light them or if she did she would be going round constantly seeing if they were put out lol.
For her birthday i got her a purse to match the hand bag i bought her last year and last xmas I bought her a mug with a few other bits and I know she isn’t a big tea drinker so stuff like that is kind of pointless.
Any serious ideas? I was thinking a photo frame but I would want a photo to put in it and don’t have one.
My budget is about £30 but might go bit higher for the right product. Do I get vouchers for John Lewis or something?

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One Response to “What Can I Buy For My Friend For Christmas?”

  1. Timothy Parker says:

    on http://www.ebay.com they have pocket necklas watches you can look at bed bath and beyond walmart you can get her perfume makeup box, purse, shirt,ipod,mp3,thats all i can think of

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